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The Church of the Good Shepherd

Here is the tiniest flavour of the beauty we are seeing…this is Lake Tekapo, with the ‘flour’ ie glacier dust, which causes the wildly lovely turquoise colour in the water. This is the ACTUAL colour: though when you see an … Continue reading

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January 22-26 In Mckenzie Country

Touchdown in Christchurch! Queues to enter customs, reclaim our suitcase, then hotfoot to buy duty free Gin for our hosts, and a NZ ‘spark’ mobile phone. Taxi to collect our borrowed car: and the first clue of how generous New … Continue reading

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January 20-22 Flying high!

Could you imagine a place where so many restless people are hurrying to be somewhere else? London Heathrow, Terminal 2, is just this place. But the degree of automation has become impressive. We inserted our flattened passports into a scanner, … Continue reading

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From grey skies to a bright blue yonder

Something still remains hugely exciting about flying to another country: and doubly so, to fly to New Zealand..terra incognita! The huge, crinkly-paper map spread over the dining-room table, the fascination of spotting strange place names, the enormous spaces between them … Continue reading

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A summer of infinite delights

Who could ever have guessed last Spring, when the papers were full of criticism at the supposed nightmare which the 2012 Olympics were about to be – who could possibly have imagined this September! Passengers DID get through Heathrow’s Passport … Continue reading

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Seeking Gold

Beyond Lent, the intense emotions aroused are slowly being re-focussed into a new awareness that pervades every part of life… intensity dissipated as life returns: to live at such a height is unsustainable. Who, I find myself wondering, has tried … Continue reading

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Shalom at Sarum

  Perhaps it is better when there are no expectations, no knowledge… allowing space for the Holy Spirit to filter through the ‘static’ of our days, and fill us with presence. Arriving beneath the Cathedral’s great soaring height, entering the … Continue reading

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