Snow business like …snow business

Snow falling like slow rain… plump pigeons perched in the tall branches of empty trees … and all the time, Christmas creeping closer with a rustle of paper and shimmering tinsel.

It could be a cold old journey even to Sussex, and the chance of a greater snowfall before then: holding on to a frozen chicken ‘just in case’.

Heathrow – having imported 2 snow-ploughs from Zurich at untold expense – cannot move any passenger aircraft away from their parking bays, because the wheels have frozen, and the ice-clearing machinery cannot deal with that.

So quantities of people, despite all the advice on tv, papers, radio, set off for their Far-Eastern holidays – and find the motorways are solid and unmoving, with jack-knifed lorries and stuck cars; that there are long, stationery queues leading to the airport carparks; and that they then sit for hours on hard seats, waiting for news of another delayed flight.

Then they become cross with everyone in authority. The airline staff are abused; the airport authority is blamed for not causing aircraft to take off – even in freezing fog, and blizard conditions – and the government is blamed for not being prepared for so severe a winter. Ummm… anyone else to blame? like the people who leave home in these conditions, when they’ve been asked not to travel unless it is strictly necessary?


About Lavender Buckland

LLM rural ministry, communicator, website manager, passionate about communication! Music, reading, poetry, embroidery, and LIFE!
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